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F^£&ED *?

Today I was making photographs.  After several hours peacefully through the city, a guy in the background of my portrait of a shopping trolley came over shouting at me, gesturing to look at the photo.  I showed him the last picture and he immediately rubbed his blood all over my hands and the back of my camera.  He’d pierced his finger and run over only to do this.

I looked him in the eyes and said in disbelief- “that’s really not cool.”

With a half-crazed, mostly-vacant “what are you going to do about it?” glance he ran away.  I turned 160˚ and walked straight into the toilets of the hospital which happened to be behind me overlooking the whole scene to disinfect my hands and camera in soap.


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Title: Sing, Sing, Sing Artist: Benny Goodman 4 plays

Benny Goodman, Sing Sing Sing, 1936.

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"But Walid went with his paint roller over all, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, over all" reads the subtitles as Berliners watch the scene of someone indiscriminately roller painting a big blue line though the words “ICH BIN EIN BERLINER” painted in large black letters on the separation wall between Israel and Palestine at the German premiere of Style Wars 2 in an open-air cinema in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Murdering Black People

It’s the duty of journalists and artists to re-contextualise the present so that we might understand its significance, to lead us toward a better future.  Wilkerson does exactly that:


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Conflicting Generosity

It’s a year or so since a man wiser than me brought this to my attention.  Recently I’m reminded about it and it’s worth contemplating.

A friend of mine, lets call him Steve, told me a story about how he was without money for some time and his friend who we’ll call Dave, supported him.  Sometime later Steve got a job and was soon earning enough to pay Dave back the money.  He returned to Dave and tried to pay him back the money, but Dave refused to accept the money back.  On the one hand you might think this a noble action, which it was in the beginning, but to not accept the money back is in Steve’s words- for Dave to have power over him.  Be mindful of that on occasion that you think you’re doing someone a favour being generous, you might not be, you might in fact be making them uncomfortable by keeping them indebted to you, which defeats the value of being kind.

There’s an inherent contradiction in the statement “I don’t play games”.  Even if you think you don’t, you’re still part of one.

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Smoothly into Sunday evening.

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The Tax Free Tour

Where’s all the money?  Held by multinational corporations offshore, loaned to governments because they don’t have any money because the corporations don’t pay any tax.

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Starred Up

Erm, yeah, if you like your films gritty like a pint of sand and raw like twenty seconds in the frying pan watch Starred Up, it’s Made in Britain for 2014.

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N.O.W. in the Boiler Room

I’ve grown up listening to Nightmares on Wax, and I’m all the better for it.

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USB ports on the blink, dead DVD drive, battery needs a service, broken screen hinge/chassis.  If it were an animal, I’d recommend shooting it in the head.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot- laptop for sale!  Details as follows:

Excellent power cable, fully functioning keyboard, custom flat operation, seasoned traveller, shiny metal surfaces, backlit fruit logo, sophisticated paperweight.

Will also swap for CHF 2214 and a box of After-Eights.

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It’s a year since my last birthday and its been the most difficult year of my life.  So I’m happy to draw a line under it.  We construct and re-construct our memories all the time so don’t get stuck in the past.

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