Bailey photographs the Queen for her 88th birthday.


Across the street a guy struggles to carry a huge cross as a procession follows behind down the narrow pavement. I turn back to face a flanking patron, “Want an Easter egg?”.

Happy Ēostre.

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Big fan of Cubenx.

Everything I own, now in half a shipping container.  Take this as you will but, I got a strong and satisfying feeling putting all my stuff in there, as if that’s where it’s all meant to be.  No front garden, no letterbox, just a thick steel padlocked door.  Are possessions a blessing, or a curse?  A symptom of decadence, or the representation of our memory and identity made physical.  What we own, continues to define the world around us, and for the most part, what we own is how we define ourselves.

Flattening the pyramid

Three days ago I wrote about my reservations that Google and Facebook are creating the infastructure for remote areas to access the Internet.  The next post was about the changing global economic shift and ended talking about levelling the playing field by flattening the pyramid.  In this video, Sugata Mitra talks about flattening the pyramid by building a school in the cloud:

Give Pharrell some sand and he’ll produce a diamond.

Global Economic Shift

A less cynical post than the previous.  This is a great article:

I now use RSS feeds and the client Feedly.

Before that honestly, I just didn’t bother with ‘the news’, because trying to find what I was looking for just felt like trying to get clean while rolling around in the mud- trawling through noise- websites and newspapers full of manufactured surprise, fear and death.

Instead, each day or so I work through a feed made for me by me and choose what I want to know about.  You simply setup a free account, type in a website address or specific section, click ‘add content’, click ‘yes’, after that, anything that is uploaded to that website is sent to you like a snippet of an email which you can skip or get involved with.  Done.  Does it save me time?  Of course not, I use that time to get deeper and deeper in.  And so will everybody else.

In the article above, Rifkin talks about the type of automation that is revolutionising the world as we know it.  In terms of new ‘revolutionary’ tech, I’m not sure of my stance with some things- like 3D printable handguns- but a machete that cuts through all the bullshit I don’t want to put in my brain is very welcome.

No-one really knows what’s going to take the place of Capitalism after a global economic paradigm shift, but the penny has dropped that Capitalism will not survive itself.  When and how that penny is going to hit the floor is anybody’s guess, but I share Rifkin’s perception that it will represent a third industrial revolution, one in which there is global abundance because it’s in the interests of the people, not the oligarchs and CEO’s.  That’s a fiction I’m ready to believe in.

And lets face it, if it costs next to nothing to make what we need and there’s nobody prepared to pay more than it’s actually worth because they’re not poor or uneducated or exploited- that’s a different narrative; period.  Sorry, this is a really corny line, but- evolution is, really just a matter of time.


What’s the quickest way to the top of the pyramid?

-Invert it

What’s the quickest way for everyone to the top of the pyramid?

-Flatten it

Lazer beams

I remember watching a TV advert several years ago, on a television, when they were huge heavy 3D boxes with a thick exposed black valve around the outside of the picture and buttons that clunked when you changed the channel by hand- other people might have had fancy newer thinner flatter slimmer TV’s but being Yorkshire folk, it wasn’t broke until it broke.

The advert was for a new online gaming platform from Microsoft called an X-Box.  The visuals were footage of young single males twiddling plastic devices between their legs, speaking into headset microphones of war scenarios separate and alone at home by themselves in their featureless futuristic bedrooms.  The strapline for the ad proclaimed,

"It’s good to play together"

The idea that because several other people are engaged in the computerised simulation of contact- that this is then the same as actually being with other people out in the actual physical world.

This is what I think about when I read this article about Google and Facebook providing the Internet.  Of course I’d be an idiot to think that the Internet could be manipulated when it’s provided by two of the world’s largest private computer communication corporations.  That getting people online is "one of the greatest challenges of our generation"- only to a generation born with the Internet in their hand.  Imagine their fear of being without the Internet- the terror of losing your brain… This makes me think of Shepard Fairy’s brand in homage to They Live that has teenagers walking around as billboards, bold white letters on red that demands “Obey”, and I can’t help having the same thought that any freedom through subversion is inevitably consumed, subsumed, reappropriated and regurgitated back out a parody of itself now part of the monotone malaise it once rebelled against, don’t follow leaders- listen to Dylan- buy a Chrysler.

Irony is the word of post-modern culture as is the notion that Silicon Valley is unequivocally acting in the greater good of humanity by connecting people up to their ego machine, via satellite, lasers, drones and free-space optical communication technology.  Military technology.  It’s never free until it’s occupied- The American Way.  Or is it the Anglo-American way?  I don’t know the difference.

Please tell me someone else read that article and was thinking somebody gave a little baby a bank account bigger than a country and told him to play nice.  Or maybe thinking about Dr Evil travelling into the future and asking for sharks with laser beams attached to their heads as an essentially meaningless gesture simply to satisfy his insatiable (but realistic) desire of total world domination.  Or at the very least thinking…who’s paying for dinner?  What’s the catch?  Free food?  Free digital food?  Even better- a low fat digital sedative.

Drones, laser beams, satellites delivering Google and Facebook to the far corners of the globe for the ‘benefit of humanity’ to lose itself in a virtual world disconnected from the present moment in the most grandiose of delusions that places itself as more important than starvation, poverty, energy supply, clean water, or overpopulation.

Someone please tell me that… oh right.  This IS the Internet.  This is a virtual writing system and I’m not talking to anyone at all.

It is good to talk together, because you’d be forgiven for thinking the Luddites were stupid people.

Roger Rabbit crashed my computer.  Toons…

Philosophy of News

Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.

Albert Camus, The Fall  (via mikepetersphoto)

(via mikepetersphoto)

The Bay, 2013.

Without a camera I’m forced back through my archives.

Berlin, 2013